Our Beloved Layla

Broken Hearts in our Home’ When I first come to consciousness in the early morning hours lying in bed, my mind runs a check on everyone in our household. Husband-closet light on must be getting ready for work still, our oldest son-hmm... oh yea he was in bed before I was, has works at nine, youngest son- over at a friend’s , dog- hogging way to much of the bed, horses- and I stop… I see three in my mind's pasture and a blank spot under a tree. Our beloved Layla is gone. The colorful ball of boundless joy in our pasture. She had more personality than any horse we have ever owned. Her spirit was happy go lucky, non confrontational, pet me, love me, let me in the house kind of horse. The most comical, quirky girl. She could be across forty acres and hear her name, her head would pop up over the grass and she would come bounding across the pasture like a dog when you come in from work. I know if she could have wagged her tail she would have. She was our baby, the most vibrant,…
It’s happening! God is on the move again! After a season of country living in Texas we are going back to Colorado. We are excited to say the least. This time we will be bringing four horses with us. It will be a blast to ride them in the foothills of beautiful Colorado.I will be so happy to be back in civilization! No more Texas sized grasshoppers waiting for me to take a walk in order to dive bomb me! My car will stay clean (well till it snows). I love Texas because it is in my blood but I love Colorado because it’s just so lovable! It’s a mixture of the old west, urban living, mountains, foothills and plains. The weather is just incredible with four distinct seasons, and most of the living is outdoors. It has more sunshiny days than California. Yes,the people are friendly, not southern hospitality friendly but very welcoming, and allot of fun. It actually feels like we are going home. Jeremiah 29:11, I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper and not to harm… says the Lo…

Happy Father's Day!

I love my Daddy! He never meets a stranger, always has a good joke or three! He is dependable, trustworthy, forgiving and his word is always “his word”. I know if I need him for absolutely anything I can count on him, especially if it is advice on cars! He does not involve himself with idle gossip or slander and can be trusted with great confidence. He is always available with an open heart for anything that comes his way. He handles himself with dignity, grace and humor in all that God has allowed in his life.... good, bad and the ugly, he is always the same. His loyalty and honesty are never to be doubted. If all men on earth had his character we would all be in a better place! Love you Daddy! Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad a girl could have!

Imaginary Road Blocks in Life

There are real road blocks in life and then there are the ones we create in our own minds. Things that we think are holding us back from getting what we want out of life or what we need. We can be so focused on the road block that we can’t see the way out. This is when we need to step back, look around and find the door! John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed


It’s cold, rainy and muddy outside. Set inside and do nothing (nice sometimes) or put on my colorful rubber boots and carry on….

I choose my rubber boots….

Life can be muddy, messy and drizzly out of human control but my attitude is everything!
In Christ I have pure Joy at my fingertips twenty four seven. Today I wear my rubber boots!
We have had to downsize and move from Colorado back to Texas due to my husband’s job loss last October. I can’t believe it has been over a year. It lasted for six long anticipating months and the after shock was financially stressful to say the least. Our lifestyle has changed dramatically! However, my joy is still abundant in Christ. I am not saying it has been a barrel of laughs along the way, quiet the opposite actually, but…. anticipating what surprises God has in store for us in this new territory of life, is and has been exciting. I am just as happy now in our very tiny rental on lots of land as I have ever been. Seems no matter what trials we ha…
A new season for me.

School started on Aug. 22nd. Our oldest, Tanner, moved to his college dorm after 12 years of home schooling. Our youngest is going to public school this year, he is a freshman. Actually, he was to be a sophomore but Texas, which I forgot, is a bit tougher on home schoolers entering the system and would not accept his freshman homeschool credits. I contacted HSLD, (Home School Legal Defense) to be informed, they can do that. I know all the questions going through your head, if you are a die hard home schooler, I have ask myself all the same questions however, still choosing for him to attend our public school. Note: he is happy there. Everyone seems to be in their element. Well, except me. What to do. I recently went from urban girl to country girl. It has taken a lot of adjusting for me. We have lived in the country before but not like this! After living in Houston and Loveland, CO. I discovered, I am a city girl through and through. I love animals but would be …
The Swayne family has landed back in their boots! We are back in Texas after four and a half fantastic years in Loveland CO. It is as hot as I remember, the bugs and flying things are still here. It’s Texas, it’s home, hasn’t changed. This time we moved out in the sticks and I truly mean OUT! We have been here two weeks and life is better than I expected. Our two young men are settled and working for some friends on their nearby ranch. Our oldest has the challenge of training a two year old filly, something he has never attempted. I think he is going to call her Rookie, a perfect name considering she is new at this and so is he. He only has about six weeks with us and will be moving to his college dorm, which is also a new chapter for all of us. Lots of changes for our family are taking place. I am having the hardest time adjusting to my new surroundings. I miss the excitement of living in a vibrant urban community, my over the fence neighbors, walking out my front door and seeing pe…